My Top Beauty Product Finds Of 2017

My Best Beauty Finds Of 2017

Ok you guys here it is, my favorite beauty product finds of 2017! I love beauty products and trying different things, and then I love sharing them with you! Some of these products were sent to me from companies, and some I bought on my own. Either way they are the products that I loved using and will continue to use and buy. I will never share or promote anything I don’t like (even if it is free). Anytime you see me talking about a product, it’s because I genuinely love it. So check out my favorites below!

 1. Coola Sunless Face Serum

This is by far the best sunless tanner I have used on my face! When I’m using a self tanner, I always like to tan my face a little bit as well. The problem is usually it’ll irritate my skin or make me break out. This serum works wonders on helping me get some color on my face without the pimples in the mix! I put it on at night before I go to bed and after a couple of uses you wake up looking like a bronzed goddess!

2. Bioderma Makeup Remover 

One thing I have gotten into the habit of the past few years is making sure all of my makeup is off before I go to bed. This makeup remover is really good at making sure it’s ALL off without drying out and irritating your skin. I like to put a little bit on a cotton pad and gently go around my face. The overall makeup of this product feels like water, but you’ll be amazed at how easily it gets your makeup off.

3. Bioderma Serum 

One of my goals for 2017 was to get a better skin regimen going. That meant adding more products into my line up that would help keep my skin feeling youthful and hydrated. This was the first serum of the year that I tried (a tried 3 more after) and was by far my absolute favorite! I really liked the texture of this one and how it applied on my skin. If you’ve been searching for a good face serum, this is my pick!

4. Ouai Dry Shampoo

Who doesn’t love a good dry shampoo?! It helps cut the getting ready time in half if you don’t have to go through washing and blowing out your hair. Plus, those beachy waves look a lot better with a little bit of grit in those locks. I have tried MANY dry shampoos and this one has become my favorite. The reason this one stood out to me most is because 1 it didn’t leave that white residue (nightmare for brunettes!), 2 it added some volume to my hair, and 3 it did it’s job was to take away that greasy look. I’ve been trying some other Ouai products as well, and I have to say I’m really impressed and these products are definitely worth the hype!

5. Tanceuticals Self Tanner & Mit

I love having a tan! Let’s face it, I think everyone just feels more confident and beautiful with a tan. I gave up the tanning beds in high school and switched over to spray tans years ago. I definitely didn’t want that wrinkled look or take the chance of getting skin cancer. When I lived in LA about 6 years ago, I did my research and bought a spray tan machine; yes that’s how much I love a good spray tan! I started a side business and had the option to get a spray tan whenever I wanted. When I moved to Vegas I left the machine in Cleveland to do my clients when I went home. So basically I was on the hunt for a good self tanner, and then I stumbled upon Tanceuticals self tanning mousse. I really loved this self tanner because it was natural looking and the mousse was really great because it’s a bronze color and allows you to see where you’re applying it. I still love a spray tan, but this is my go to at home self tanner. So easy to use and gives a great bronzed look!

6. Indian Healing Clay 

I actually bought this product a while back, but didn’t really start using it until this past year. You can pick this one up on Amazon for under $10 and it lasts a really long time. I mix this clay with apple cider vinegar and then apply it all over my face. Wait 15-20 minutes and then rinse. The mask gets really tight and hard, but when you rinse it off, my skin has never felt softer! Disclaimer, it does make your face red for about 30 mins right after, so don’t be alarmed, it’s normal. It’s meant to cleanse the pores and exfoliate the skin as well.

7. Coola Makeup Setting Spray w/ SPF

The first time I tried this product I was in love! First of all, everything I have tried from Coola has been amazing. I had been looking for a good SPF, I hate that greasy feeling on my face you usually get from a sunscreen. This setting spray has a 30 SPF, smells unbelievable and is also a makeup setting spray. I have used it over my makeup and also when I’m not wearing makeup and heading out to the pool or for a run. Girls I promise you, this is a must have!

8. Coola Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer

Yes, I know another Coola product; I told you I love them! I had tried makeup primers in the past and felt they didn’t really do anything. When I used this one, I loved how soft it felt on my skin and how smooth my foundation applied. Again this one has an SPF in it which is perfect to eliminate adding one more product to your routine. If you want a flawless foundation look, use this primer!

9. Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo & Conditioner 

I honestly don’t know how I ever survived without purple shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been dying my hair blonde for a good portion of my life, and brassy is a word you never want to have to use as a blonde. This purple shampoo and conditioner is really pigmented and works REALLY well at getting out any brassiness or yellow tones. You can buy it on Amazon as a set and the price point is really good!

10. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream and Night Spa 

I just recently started using these two products and so far I really like them! I’m always looking to try new face moisturizers, it’s hard to find a lot that I actually like. My skin is normal to oily and can be sensitive, so I have to watch what I’m using. These two products are made for dry skin, if that’s you, you will love these two products. At night I apply both the night spa mask and the cream and I wake up with the softest skin! The price is also really good, it definitely is not one of those break the bank products. Good news for you, since I was gifted these products, I was given a discount code that’s good until February 15, so definitely take advantage of that if you want to try these out! Use Code: Preen20 for 20% off and free shipping!

11. Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume

This was one of those perfumes I had been wanting to try, so at the beginning of last year I finally bought it. I’m so glad I did because I love it! I have a few different perfumes, but this is one I will continue to buy when it runs out. I’m not usually into the floral scents, but there was something different about this one. Definitely one of my top two perfumes!

12. Puristry Restorative Face Oil

Putting oil on my face is something I was very reluctant to do because I tend to produce more oil at times. When I tried this face oil, it totally changed my mind. I don’t put the oil right on my face, I have found that mixing it with my moisturizer and then applying it works best for me. This oil has a lot of amazing organic ingredients that will help reduce any fine lines and wrinkles. It has lasted me a really long time and I think is well worth the money.

13. Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners and this is my favorite of the moment! I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine. I have to watch what kind of products I’m using on it, otherwise it will look super flat. I’ve used shampoo and conditioners in the past which have left my hair feeling greasy after one day. I like this one because it doesn’t do that and at the same time it is moisturizing. A lot of times when you buy moisturizing shampoo and conditioners it can be heavy on the hair. I would definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner for my girls with fine hair.

I hope you guys liked this little round up of my beauty product faves! Have you tried any of these products before? What are some of the products that you discovered last year and loved?



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