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Relaxing with Saje Wellness

When the new year began, I told myself I was going to try different ways to help my anxiety and start taking some “me time”. I looked up different natural ways to help, and essential oils were on the top of the list. When Saje Wellness contacted me about trying some of their products, I couldn’t have been happier! Their products were exactly what I had been looking for. Below are some of the things that they sent me and that I have been using and loving.

Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils

When I opened the box and saw this essential oil diffuser I was so excited!! It is the most gorgeous oil diffuser I have seen, I love having it out in my home. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it works so well. I have used other essential oil diffusers, and this one releases the scent of the oils more than any other diffuser I’ve tried. The oils that they sent were stress release, tranquility, liquid sunshine and fortified breeze. They all smell so amazing, right now my favorites are stress release and tranquility mixed together. I feel like I’m at the spa when it’s diffusing!


Pocket Pharmacy 

This cute little kit is called the Pocket Pharmacy Remedy Convenience Kit, and is perfect for on the go. It contains 5 different essential oils, each is is helpful to promote wellness in different ways. The different oils are fortify, peppermint halo, stress release, pain release and gutzy. Each oil will help to relieve headaches, cough, stress, pain or stomach ache. They can be rolled on or applied as drops as well. I love that they’re stored in this kit, I travel a lot so this is the perfect way to carry them with me.



Stress Release Bath Salts

What better way to unwind than to run a bubble bath, diffuse some essential oils, burn some candles and turn on some calming music. These stress release bath salts are great to add to your bath to help you relieve any stress or anxiety. Taking baths has become one of my favorite ways to relax!

Stress Release Tension Reducing Remedy 

This blend of essential oils is another great way to help relieve any stress you might feeling. On one end is a roller ball that can be used to apply the oil to your wrists, back of your neck etc. On the other end is a dropper that you can use to put drops of the oil into your bath, oil diffuser and more! I like that I can take this with me anywhere, and when I’m feeling a little stressed apply it and relax.

If you guys are looking for any type of wellness products, I highly recommend checking out Saje Wellness. It’s important to stay healthy both physically and mentally, that’s why using wellness products such as these are so important.A lot of times we don’t stop and take the time to relax, instead we’re always on the go and thinking about the next think we need to get done. I have loved taking some time for me and just unwinding from the everyday grind. What are some things you like to do to help you relax from a busy day?



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