Girl On The Run Half Up Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday!! I hope everybody is ready for the weekend, I know I sure am! Today I wanted to share a quick half up hair tutorial with you guys. My sister did this style on my hair while she was in town visiting and I loved it!  It’s super simple and perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair, but still want to look put together. So let’s get started!

What You Will Need

Step 1

Start off by teasing the hair at the crown of your head. Then, with a small elastic tie take the top section of your hair, leaving out pieces in the front to frame your frace, and tie with the elastic.

Step 2

With a couple of bobby pins, take a small section of loose hair from the left side and secure over the hair that is pulled back in the elastic.

Step 3

For the last step you will do the same, taking a section of loose hair from the right side and securing it over the last side that you just pinned. When securing the bobby pins try to do so that they are kind of hidden. You can use the tail of a teasing comb to go in and give some height to the crown area of the style. Finish by spraying some Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray.

Final Look

How simple was that?! It really is so easy and I love how it gives you that chic look without needing too many hair tools. Who else loves a half up hair style? I hope everybody has a great weekend!



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