Scottsdale Travel Guide

This year my family came out to Las Vegas for Christmas and then planned a road trip from Vegas to Scottsdale with stops to the Grand Canyon and Sedona along the way. It was somewhere most of us had never been and we all wanted to be able to cross it off of our bucket lists together.


1st Stop: Grand Canyon

Our first stop on the trip was at the Grand Canyon. None of us had been there, so we didn’t really know what to expect; which I guess is why we were all under dressed! There was snow there and it was pretty cold, definitely not what I was expecting. I guess I should have taken into account that we were at 7,000 feet elevation so of course there was going to be snow in December! Regardless, it was so beautiful there and I think we were all in awe. It was so picturesque and I’m really glad that I got to see it.

2nd Stop: Sedona

Sedona was another place that we had been told so much about and really wanted to see. I kept hearing about what a spiritual place Sedona is and how many people have gone to the vortex’s there and really felt the energy. There are 4 vortex’s, we only made it to two of them, my favorite being Bell Rock. The views from here were seriously insane, it was quite an experience. I can see where people find it very spiritual and would love to make a trip back to Sedona again so that I can spend more time there.

3rd and Final Stop: Scottsdale

We made our final stop Scottsdale, and this is where we spent most of our time. Scottsdale was really beautiful as well and a place that I would definitely love to go back and visit again.

Where To Lay Your Head

We rented a house on VRBO in Scottsdale, which was pretty amazing! The house was really layed out and was a villa that is part of the Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale. I would highly recommend getting a house if you go with a group of people, as you have a kitchen and plenty of space. There are a ton of great houses when we were looking in Scottsdale. If I was going to stay in a hotel I would stay at The Phoenician, a beautiful luxury resort right near Camelback Mountain. My sister stayed an extra night longer and stayed there so we got to check it out and it was so gorgeous!

Where To Eat

Since we had a kitchen we did a lot of cooking so that we could spend quality time at our home. One of the dinners that we did eat out that was my favorite was Elements at the Sanctuary Hotel. The food was really good and the view at sunset is so beautiful there. It also is located near the Camelback Mountains.

 Things To Do

  1. Horseback Riding: One thing my Mom really wanted to do on the trip was go horseback riding and I’m so glad that we did. I had never been and now I’m hooked! I’ve always been an animal lover so of course I was in heaven. We did a sunset ride, so the views couldn’t have been more beautiful.
  2. Hiking Camelback Mountain: We all wanted to hike Camelback, as we had heard it was a great hike. We hiked the Cholla trail because we were told that it was less steep. As we started and were about 30 mins in I was feeling really good and like I was in great shape; the last hour I started second guessing that! It got harder as we got to the top, as in you had to literally hold on to rocks and climb. It was a really cool experience though and the views from the top were so breathtaking. Coming down felt a little bit more hard because you really have to watch your footing, but it felt really good to accomplish that hike!

Where to Relax

We planned a spa day for my Mom’s birthday at the Sanctuary Spa, the same hotel Elements is at. It was so relaxing and I got the best facial of my life there. The pool area was so nice to unwind at after our services. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back!

Where to Shop

Coming from a girl who loves to shop, Fashion Square is where it’s at! They had pretty much every store you could think of; high end, budget friendly and middle of the road, they had it all.


It was so nice experiencing such a beautiful place with my family and making so many special memories. I can’t wait for the next adventure! Who else has been to Arizona? What are some of your favorite places or things to do?

The Grand Canyon! Isn’t it beautiful?!

With the fam (minus Mo) Even Rambo came!

Now tell me that’s not a view! Sedona you’re a beaut!





At our favorite restaurant Elements at Sanctuary.

Hiking Camelback! We made it to the top!

The spa at Sanctuary




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